Do I have to be a member to visit Soul Casino?

Yes, you must be a member to visit Soul Casino. You can apply on the premises with photographic ID or by filling out our application form on our Memberships page.

Members Guidelines

If you have never been to a casino before, your first trip is likely to be filled with excitement, anticipation, and exhilaration. It is not unusual to feel a little apprehensive, but ensuring an enjoyable and memorable first visit is what Soul Casino does best. Our friendly dealers and staff are always on hand to help – so regardless of your level of experience, there is something for everyone.


What to Wear

If your vision of a casino is James Bond, in a tux, at Monte Carlo, forget it.  Smart casual is the general rule. Smart jeans and smart trainers are acceptable, however, football shirts, muscle/vest tops are not. For the security and safety of all our members, it is vital that we can see people clearly on our CCTV system and so caps and other hats are not allowed.

Mobile Phones, Cameras & Electronic Equipment

In non-gaming areas you are permitted to use a mobile phone, whilst also respecting other customers. Generally speaking, taking pictures within the casino is not allowed. However, if you are in the casino for a special occasion our manager may be able to allow this as an exception. Please note that this will not be permitted in the gaming area as photography is strictly prohibited here.

Acceptable Behaviour

The safety of our staff & members is of paramount importance to the convivial atmosphere of Soul Casino. It is with this in mind that we ask all patrons to refrain from using foul & abusive language to other patrons, staff or inanimate objects. Nor is it acceptable to place others in a state of fear or alarm.

Soul Casino, as a licensed business, reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone or to ask any patron to leave the premises as it sees fit.


Talking to Dealers

You can of course talk to the dealers but please remember that during busy times they have to look after a large number of customers. It would be a good idea to spend some time watching what the other players do so you know what is appropriate. They can give help with the rules of the game but they cannot give advice on how to bet.

Do I need ID?

Yes, photographic ID is required for entry to Soul Casino, or a minimum of a bank or credit card. If you gamble over £1000, we will ask you to show us your photographic ID. If you would like to become a member of Soul Friends (this is our loyalty programme) you will also need to show us your ID.

How old do I have to be to enter?

You must be at least 18 years of age to visit Soul Casino.

Food & Beverages

If you want a drink whilst gaming simply ask one of the floor waiting staff. You can pay using cash or chips from the table. Remember, if there is no room in the drinks holders, please keep drinks off the gaming tables and use the small trolley tables that are provided. Eating food is generally not permitted in the gaming area, however please feel free to make use of our extensive restaurant facilities.


If you just want to watch a game, that’s fine, however seats and positions immediately in front of the table are reserved for participating players.

Understanding Chips

When playing games such as Blackjack, Roulette or Three-card Poker, you buy casino chips at the tables. Just place your money on the table and ask the dealer for some chips. There are two different types of chips, some with values and others without;

:-the ones with values are called “Cash Chips” and are effectively the currency within the casino.  You can use them to play on any table you like.

:-the non-value chips are called “Colour Chips” and are only used on Roulette.  They help the dealer identify who has which chips. Remember you cannot take “Colour Chips” away from the table you are playing on.  When ready to leave a table tell the dealer “cash out” and they will exchange them for cash chips.


When it comes time to leave, the dealer does not have access to cash at the tables so you need to change your chips for cash at the cash desk.


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