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An old and popular game played in casinos worldwide. 0 to 36 on a wheel; "place your bets" and see where the ball lands. Odds ranging from 1-1 for even chances, up to 35 - 1 for a chip on the winning number; excitement with every spin. Pleasant and friendly staff to deal to you and answer any queries you may have. An easy game to pick up and play at your leisure. With waitress service, pick your seat for the night and enjoy a few hours at the tables.

"Black Jack", "Vingt et Un" or "21" are just a few of the names this card game goes by. The aim of the game is to get closer to twenty one than the dealer with two cards or more; it's all about beating the dealer. Two cards are initially dealt to the players and one to the dealer. You. the player, then decide whether taking subsequent cards will improve your hand against the dealer's possible hand. With some chances to increase your bet with splits and doubles, it leads to an exciting game.

Based on a popular poker game, you receive three cards after you place your "ante bet". If you feel you have a chance against the dealer, you then place your "raise bet". If the dealer qualifies and you beat the dealer's hand, your bet will be paid out accordingly from 1-1 up to 5-1 with "ante bonus". For an added possibility, you can bet on the "pair plus" with the payouts ranging from even money odds all the way up to 35-1 for a straight flush. With all this going on, it adds up to an exciting mix.


There is a superb selection of electronic gaming machines to choose from at Soul Casino:




If you feel like a more secluded bet on the roulette you can seat yourself at one of the "state of the art" roulette machines linked to two of the live tables and an auto wheel. Placing your bets could not be easier.

By touching the screen where you want to place your bets. it has all the chip positions you would get on a live table dealt by one of our dealers without the crowd. With someone on hand to answer any questions about playing with the machines, your night's entertainment can be a totally enjoyable experience.

At Soul Casino we have ten different bandits for you to try, whether it is a penny play you are looking for or up to betting the maximum with an amazing £10,000 jackpot payout on all the machines. So why not wile away a few hours sitting at these exciting machines while we look after your every need.

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